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I'm Daniel, a 22 year old Zerg player from New Jersey. My inspiration is IdrA. I have qualified for WCS Challenger multiple times and am consistently at the top of the ladder but I plan on tackling a lot more in 2018. I am training harder than ever and can feel myself improving rapidly. I strive to play perfect macro games, but my strong micro ability allows me to be flexible in my playstyles. Please cheer for me and Scythe Esports in 2018!


I discovered SCII by watching the HDH invitational in the beta. My favorite player was TLO and I played random, just like him, and then switched to Zerg when he did as well. I played on and off until 2016 when I moved to Vancouver and started taking the game more seriously. My goals for 2018 are to: get to a consistent 6k mmr, make it out of the first group stage of a WCS event, and win every Vancouver tournament.


Hey I'm Groovyman, a 16 year old Terran player from Huntsville, Texas! Excited to be playing for Scythe! Hoping to qualify for some tournaments and take off in the scene!


Hi, I’m Tambi I’m currently studying mathematics and I’m going into my 3rd year of undergrad. I started playing Starcraft 2 in late Wings of Liberty I gained interest in the game from watching my older brother play. I have played strategy games as long as I can remember. Warcraft 3 and AOE 2 are some of the first games I played, so it’s no surprise I got really into SC2. For 2018, my goal is loosely to get to 6k mmr but mostly I’m looking to just improve as much as possible as a player and start to compete in more and more tournaments.


My name is Brady Cassada and I've been playing StarCraft II since 2013. I've been a big fan of RTS games since I was a little kid and I love to compete so, naturally, StarCraft became a passion of mine.


I started playing during the last two seasons of HotS, got in late, only picked it up because I was good at BW and thought I could easily transition those skills and just get GM, then I'd quit. I got GM in my second season, and have been meddling around in the mid tier of NA for a while, so I have to make a decision whether to attempt breaking out and becoming a competitive player (while actually seriously practicing)


I'm Gemini and I'm a 23 year old Protoss player. I've been playing SC2 ever since WoL Beta in March and I've been playing consistently since then; other than a small break from the end of 2015 to October 2016. I played Brood War as a kid as well very casually since I would see my brother play it. I started from Copper in March 2010 and climbed up to Diamond (when Masters didn't exist yet) by the end of WoL Beta in June. Since then I was in Masters when it released for 3 years until I pushed myself to get GM in 2014. I was able to get back to GM level after a few months of playing again in 2017. I'm also going through university now to become a teacher and through my SC2 career I've put a lot of focus on creating strategy guides and coaching players. I hope to continue producing as much content and helping as many people as possible in this game and to show my passion for the StarCraft community.


I'm Smile and I am from Peru and happy to be apart of the team. I look forward to playing in online cups and clan wars.


Hello I am Scythe and happy to be a part of Scythe Esports I am a Terran player from Norway and looking forward to competing this year.


Hi all, im Daydreamer, a imba toss player of starcraft II. Glad to play for Scythe! My aim is discovering most imba parts of protoss and utilize them to become a solid toss player.


Team Manager
I started playing SC2 in 2010 and never looked back. 8 years later here I am starting a team of young talented players hoping make our mark in the Starcraft 2 professional scene.